Friday, January 15, 2010

Reptile Respiration Rate When Comparing The Rates Of Respiration Of A 25 G Reptile And A 25 G Mammal At 10 Degrees Celsius...?

When comparing the rates of respiration of a 25 g reptile and a 25 g mammal at 10 degrees celsius...? - reptile respiration rate

I have the highest resperation? Why? I do not belive it the Hummer, because at this temperature. a reptile would have a difficult time, even on the longest lifespan comsuming more oxygen, but why? And I'm always right?


bioguy said...

Warm-blooded organisms have greater needs of the metabolism of fish, reptiles and amphibians. Increased demand means higher metabolic respiration .... Even while higher mammals and birds are more active than cold-blooded organisms.

teck kim said...

I think it is the blood of mammals, mammal, because it was so hot, they need to keep the body temperature so that the respiratory rate higher so that power is produced

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